As you can see, I don’t travel very far from where I am living at right now, but I am putting plenty of miles on my vehicle with this awesome weather! I do hope all of you are enjoying your self also!


This is the nicest and best King Soopers I’ve ever been to and I shop for instacart so I have been to all of them this one should be what all the other King Soopers should arrive for. Legit. Dopest. Grocery. Store. Ever.


We went to a Festival here. Very nice place, with just about everything you need: a stage, a park, restaurants, etc.


Good news: this store now has caffeinated sparkling water – no joke! Bad news: this store is almost always out of the Arrowhead plain sparkling water in the smaller bottles. But I’m trying to buy less plastics over all so that’s probably a good thing.





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